Welcome to www.petsmarket.co We are a group of people madly in love with cats and dogs. So we decided to bring together the most amazing cat and dog gift products we’ve ever found for our lovers and cats & dogs. We are from France. A year later, we expanded our distribution center in China, so most of our products are quality control products, packaged and shipped together from our warehouse.

However, Pets Market Shop is also partnering with global merchants to offer you the best prices and a unique shopping experience in the world. This means that part of your order can be shipped from parts of the world such as Thailand, Singapore, Australia, the United States, etc. These products will be mentioned on the pages of each product.

We thank you for visiting our store and hope that your shopping experience will be enjoyable. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal and order processing is the most important thing we do. Our team does their best to ensure that each order is processed quickly and fully packaged so that you receive the product you have purchased in the best conditions. We appreciate your comments. If you have any questions about your order, product or concerns, please contact us: admin@petsmarket.co

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